Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Woodland Wedding

I came across some really incredible woodland bouquets.
They look like someone reached into the middle of a lush fairy-haven woodland and pulled up a bouquet from a mossy ledge... with mushrooms.
It's so woodsy that you need a fairy green dress to go with it.  At that point my brain would probably overload from awesomeness.
This one is basically a plate of that woodland goodness... on a stick.  Okay, it's actually way more cool than that, but I find it hard to explain this masterpiece.
Look at that!  Wooo...
All your bridesmaids can have amazing woodland bouquets too.
This table decor looks very natural... like you went for a walk in some beautiful white flowered woods and came back with a handful of wild flowered branches and greenery.
Very lovely.
These cakes are also full of woodland goodness.
This cake is mesmerizing.  Does it taste woodsy?  Actually, I want to eat it.
This is not as woodland-like, but who needs cake when they can have 3 tiers of flowers?  It's actually a very good idea for something visually stunning and also less-fattening  :)  Maybe not so good for your purse though.  It might be a good time to go collecting pretty wild things in the woods (that are not poisonous).
This floral decor is inspired by the woods.  It has a natural feel to it with the branches along the sides and additions like grasses and mushrooms.  It looks like something that might grow at the base of a tree in a lush wood.
 This bouquet looks like a bunch of flowers you collected from the woods or a sunny meadow.
 This has more of a cultured garden look, but there are still aspects of it that seem natural since the bouquet is not a perfect round.  The greenish hydrangea adds a bit of disorganization to the bouquet.
 These have a nature-inspired look to them.
 This is way over the top (since it's from Twilight), but baby's breath has always had a somewhat natural look to it since it is so wild and disorganized and the flowers so small.
 This is clearly not a woodland bouquet, but it has the right colour theme.
I'm not sure what these are, but they look like cute boutonnieres.  I like them!

This is more vividly coloured woodland theme with more excessive florals, but the signage is nice.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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