Thursday, January 30, 2014

Deciding on Ribbon Colours

Which ribbon colour is the best?
Compare them against the sample wedding colours:
I think 5 is pretty close to venue decor colours and 3 is close to the dress colours.  1 is an elegant dark colour that kind of goes with that dark coloured dress in the lower left corner that is meant to be a contrast to the other colours, but still matching.  I think 2 is a little bit too bright, and 4 is a little bit too dull.  4 does, however, kind of match the room decor (but maybe too much?)

These ribbons are from

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Wedding Colours

Based on my previous mentions, this is the colour scheme I have come up with so far.  What do you think?

The plan is for the decor to be in those orangy red peachy shades, the wall will be neutral colours like those girls' dresses in the middle, and the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses will be in that pretty aquamarine colour.  If I could have one evening dress to contrast with the decor and other dresses, a dark purply brown colour like the lower left dress would be nice.  And the baby's breath-like wreath on the chairs shows that white and cream colours of flowers can go well with the colour theme.  Candles on the bottom show that candles go well with the idea too.

I want an overall feeling of warmth, with the girl's dresses as cool pops of colour/contrast, but not too bright.  You can see how they will stand out from the background decor and kind of cool down the overwhelming orange.  Neutral walls helps the decor to stand out and kind of soften the effect.

The beribboned hot chocolate favors on each plate should help to decorate the table settings and add some charm.

Narrowing Down Wedding Colours

I'm trying to narrow down the colours for my wedding, and it is hard!  I used to look through these kinds of pictures with my friend and it seemed so easy then since there was no pressure to agree on one particular colour scheme.  Now that I have to pick just one?  Oh boy...

Here are some of my favourite ones lately  :)
Burnt orange, copper, peach, and pale pink... has a nice warm feeling to it.  This is my top choice.
 What would you call this mysterious colour of dress?  It looks quite royal.  I like it.  I would make the bridesmaids and flower girl wear this colour so that they pop out from the reddish orange background and decor.
 Champagne, pale brown, and soft brown are nice as background colours.
This pretty palette of coral, cream, pale green, and sage seems alive and pretty to me. A bouquet like this would also pop in the orange background and decor as it is close to the bridesmaid and flower girl dress colours.
This purple palette makes my mouth water.  I think of grapes, blueberries, and that ice cream in the picture looks really good. 
This is a variation with white, orange, peach, pale green, and dark green. 
 These colours really pop against the white, and seem rather romantic and fun.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fairy-Inspired Wedding

If a fairy got married (in a non-cheesy way), I think it might look like this...
 Perhaps her gown would be like flowers (I'd like to touch that gown and find out what it feels like).
 She might look like she is floating in the wind in a flowy dress like this.
That drapes seductively when the wind stops blowing.
 Maybe it would be like Little Red Riding Hood in the woods.
 A wedding cake and spread would be set out under a tall tree in the woods.  There would be much festivity, but if you went to see what all the noise was about, no one would be there.
 She might stand gracefully among the flora, her silhouette lithe and beautiful.
 Fairy lights would be in the trees with elegant tables below.
 Flowers would surround her and bloom as she passed.
 A snow white forest festooned in ribbons or covered thick with flowers would guide her path to her fairy prince.
Lush and extravagant tables would be set for the wedding feast.
 Her dress would billow and wave in the wind like anemone in the sea.
 Trees would be festooned with fairy lights and tower high over the guest with soft sun filtering down below.
 One might spot the fairy bride in an eerie forest at night singing a haunting melody. 
 Underwater caverns would be transformed with sheer linens into sparkling candlelit dining halls.
 Fairies would hang long strands of thick ribbons from the branches that twist and wave in the wind around the dancing fairy guests.
 Little forest fairies would gather about the bride and ask questions about love and fairy princes.
There would be much love and embracing.  
And a secret ceremony beneath and old tree.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Autumn Wedding Inspiration - Flowers and Bouquets

Fiery Orange and yellow accents
Sunny Yellow
 Rustic Decor and Arches
 Vintage Feel
Lively Coral and Crimson
Lush Pomegranate Red
 Classic White 

Happy Wedding Planning!

Fall Bridesmaid Dresses Inspiration

Here are some ideas for bridesmaid dresses in a Fall-themed wedding.

 Muted Shades of Fall Colours
Shades of Purple
 Dark Grey
 Which one is your favourite?

Happy Wedding Planning!