Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hanging Votives

So the decorators are quoting us something like $8 per hanging votive, but I have found them for sale online for $217.74 for 124 (works out to about $1.75 each).  
All the reviews are positive so far, so this seems like a much cheaper bet.  Here are some pictures of different kinds of hanging votives to give you an idea of what we are talking about.

Hanging Bubble Votives
There is a loop at the top to hang the bubbles, the base is flat, and you put the candle through the hole on the side.  There are two small holes on the top of the globes to let heat and air out.  The bubbles are usually hanging from clear thread.
You can get them as big bubbles or as smaller bubbles.  I think about 8 cm or 3 inches is the size I will get so that the hole to put the candle in is about 2 inches.  I think most tea lights are smaller than 2 inches.  You can also use these bubbles as mini terrariums when you are done.

Teardrop Hanging Bubble Votives
Very pretty... I think you could achieve a similar effect with the round bubbles and a less transparent ribbon.
 The benefit appears to be the height.  You can fit a slightly taller votive inside.  It actually looks like they put a tealight inside a glass votive inside the bubble... probably so they don't get wax on the bubble and they can reuse it.

Hanging Cup Votive
 The votive looks like a U-shaped cup with a little ball on the bottom.  The benefit is that it comes with a loop so you could just hanging it off a branch easily without a string.
 This is probably the most commonly used hanging votive style. 
 It has a rustic look to it, and I believe it is usually priced cheaper than the bubble votives.  However, online I seem to find the bubble votives for cheaper.
 It will go well with the curly willow centerpieces we plan to use, but I think bubble votives would look equally appealing in this photo.  Maybe even cuter.

The question of course is, "Do we NEED them?"  But then who really needs a fancy wedding anyways?  I suppose it will all come down to whether they will look nice with the arrangement (which is a yes) and whether we can afford them (which is a question mark).

Happy Wedding Planning!

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