Friday, May 30, 2014

Ombre Petal Wedding Aisle

I've been admiring the lovely ombre colour changing petal aisles lately.  They look so pretty!  After experiencing a perfect proposal complete with scattered petals, it seems necessary to include some petals in the wedding.  Here are some great examples of how petals were used in stunning ways.
You will need a lot of petals for this look, but it's so beautiful!
It looks like some light blending is required at the joints between colours is required too.  Otherwise, the look will be too stark between colours.
I love how the colours blended into the dark maroon fabric on the stairs.  Very strategic!  The aisle runner effectively gives you a guide on where to scatter the petals so that you form a straight aisle.
This was a more vivid look on a wooden floor.  There is no aisle runner so the edges are softer/more messy.
It actually doesn't look half bad when the petals are not as densely laid down without an aisle runner.
If you want the same look with less petals, just scatter the petals on the sides of the aisle.
Lovely colour changing work with designs along the aisles
I love these designs that people make on the wedding aisle, but who would draw mine out?  This design is not colour changing, but it's a mix of pinks.
 Here's what a mix of oranges, reddish oranges, yellow, and peach would look like.
 This is a very adorable mix of dark and light pinks.  I love how the little flower almost blends in with that sweet little dress.  It looks like she would rather stop and admire the flowers rather than continue down the aisle.
 I feel like this aisle could have used more petals.
 I much prefer how the petals hide the joint between the aisle runner in this picture to make a softer edge.  They seem to have used lighter flower petals on the center of the aisle and darker orange petals along the sides.  It looks good.  I believe the darker orange petals then blend into the dark orange and brown on the pomanders on the very sides of the aisles.  That's a different way to make the colours change on the aisle.
 This is a densely laid mix of petals.  Looks pretty, huh?

Now I need your help!
I have picked a range of petal colours and arranged them into rows the way they  might appear on the wedding aisle.  Which row looks the best to you?  If you the like the mix of colours instead of changing colours, you can just choose the row that would have the most appealing mix of colours to you.  You can also suggest an alternative!

These are V's favourites:
These petals were chosen from this listing which would give me 5000 petals for about $16.78.  

According to this petal calculator, I will need  6000 to moderately cover or 12000 to densely cover a 40 x 3 ft aisle.  Eeeks!

Thanks, and happy wedding planning!

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