Monday, May 12, 2014

For Your Consideration - Vintage Peach

Okay, you suggested an orangy version of the vintage pale pink bouquets at the top.  Here is what I have found that is comparable, but with an orangy hue.  It comes up as a vintage peach.
Loving the peachy dresses.  Very neutral so the bouquets pop out, especially with the anemones with the dark centers.
I love that spanish moss works well with this colour.
Peachy pink looks good with fresher, darker greens too.  And it looks good with apples - a big plus.
A peachy cake is pretty.
Variations of neutrals work well with it.
It does automatically look rather vintage, and it contrasts well with sage green such as seeded eucalyptus.
Afloral has lots of options for artificial flowers in this color, so making corsages using this colour scheme would be easy.
Maybe I could wear a fluffy dream puff like this at some point?  It's so fluffy...
Decorating is easy with this vintage pink color, and distressed wooden signs would go well with it.
More artificial flower options from Afloral that go with this colour theme.
Lace goes well with it, as do succulents - super plus!

What do you think?

Happy Wedding Planning!

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