Monday, May 12, 2014

Narrowing Down Ceremony and Flower Colours

Okay, so last time we chose these pictures as our sample color palette for the ceremony and flowers.  They are more of a natural, soft set of colours with the rustic browns, ivory flowers, pale pinks, and pale sweet greens.  There's also a dash of orangy/mustard yellow in there with the tinier flowers.

Now I have more pictures for you to compare with.  Let me know which of these colour palettes appeal to you more.

This one is very similar to the above photo, but with more rich green and less gold.  There is also more pink than peach.

If we stuck to the autumn theme, you could have orange with white.  There is also a yellowy green added in with green berries and green orchids.  It is an admittedly alive combination.  I'm just not sure how I feel about orange yet.  Will I look good with orange around me?  How will the photos look?  I know, I worry about the silliest things.

These pictures are similar to the effect we are going for in the reception with orange and brown.  We can also use white flowers instead of orange and make it white and brown.

I think picking of these would help solve my dilemma on colours, so please help me pick!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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