Sunday, April 13, 2014

Curly Willow Branches with Orchid Centerpieces and Decor

Here are some floral arrangements that use curly willow branches.  They will give you an idea of what I have in mind for my table centerpieces.
I would like some branches in a glass vase, river rocks on the bottom, moss on top of the rocks, and orchid blossoms in the branches.
Basically something like this, but with rocks and moss on the bottom.  And Fall-coloured orchids instead of purple.
If they could manage hanging candles, that would be very pretty.
If some orchid blossoms could be attached to the branches, that would be a huge plus.
But just having the orchid sort of weave in the branches is good enough too.
This would be perfect if there were just one to two orchid branches added in or remove the blossoms and affix them to the branches.
This would look awesome on either side of us on pillars for the ceremony, but I think it would be quite expensive, but I wonder if it's less expensive than trees?
This is very pretty.  It would probably cost a lot, I think to get them tall enough to be on either side of the bride and groom for the ceremony.  Lovely though.
 We could probably do something like this around the reception/dinner.
  I would make for great photo opportunities and create ambiance.
 A simple basket with balls of moss and candles seems very pretty. 
 We could use some curly willow on the hanging hooks along the aisle.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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  1. Beautiful!