Friday, April 25, 2014

Artificial Bouquets, Corsages and Boutonnieres, and Other Wedding Decor

Here are some ideas on how you can save money on decorative items such as corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets, etc.

Boutonnieres are often listed as around $12-15 each.  These are less than $5 each and they look pretty good.  Maybe you can purchase the fresh flowers ones for the wedding party and these attractive artificial ones for everyone else!

Bouquets are often quoted as upwards of $200 for the bride and about $100 for the bridesmaids.  These bouquets are less than $30 each.  Maybe the bride and Maid of Honor can have a fresh flower bouquet and the bridesmaids can have these lovely artificial ones?  you could even add some ribbon to match the wedding decor and theme.

If you're planning a rustic/vintage look, these dried hydrangeas would look quite pretty on a table in a vase.

I saw an amazing overhead design where artificial cherry blossoms were hung upside down from clear thread.  When you looked up, all you could see was an umbrella of cherry blossoms.  It was very pretty.


Rather than pay $100 to rent petals, how about buying them for less than $3 per 100.  You can get them on for less than $1 per 100-200.
$2.69 for 100 pieces

These would be nice for the table numbers or other kinds of instructions on tables.
$12.99 for 4

I think this would look pretty on a  sign-in table.

These little eggs would look nice there too.

If you put the first nest beside this cage, it would look perfect.

You could use this tulle to line the aisles so guests don't walk into the aisle or get tempted to step into the aisle to take pictures (and block your photographer).
$16.99 for 25 yards x 24 inches

Let me know what you think of these ideas!
Happy Wedding Planning!

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