Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bouquet Designs I Like

Now that I'm talking to florists, I need something to show them so they can see what I am envisioning.  Of course, my vision isn't all that clear yet, but I'm working on it.
I think orange roses, vines, and branches are a good start for decor for a classy Fall wedding. 
 This bouquet is a bit wild looking, but I like how natural it looks.  The colour scheme is pretty good too.  I think this bouquet would be too tall for me.
 If I could squeeze in some girly pink and purple, I would be pretty happy too.  Orange has never been my favourite colour, but I'm doing my best to make it work.  Oh, and I like all the thick clusters of buds and berries.  They look good to me.
 I don't particularly love the flowers they put in this bouquet since it looks a bit messy, but I love the overall romantic feel of it.
 I think this is quite pretty.
 I don't think white will really work that well for me, but I am loving the seeded eucalyptus.  I think I must add that to my bouquet.  Oh, and freesias are a nice pop of green and yellow in the middle (and this bouquet must smell nice).
 I love the soft feel of this bouquet and the tiny buds/seeds that fill out the bouquet.
 If I had a blue dress and a cream theme, BAM!  I'd be all over this bouquet.
 So pretty and romantic.  I love it.  Oh, and wax flowers are always good.
This is still my favourite bouquet so far.  It's so wild.  Too big for me, but perfectly romantic.
 If I went the cream and dusty teal route, it would be very lovely. The orange tipped berries add a bit of Fall back in.  Oh, and see the succulent?  I approve.
 I like these orchids.  I'm going to see how I can include them somewhere.
Look how they make this bouquet look like a fiery explosion.  Very fascinating...

Happy Wedding Planning!

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