Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Love Birds Patterns and ideas

Here are some ideas for wedding love bird decorations that I particularly enjoy.
He looks very smart,  huh?

Lovely posh hair decoration on the female... these colours would work for Fall...
 Whoa... intense!
I like the stamping on the cloth.
This is so cool!  Quite the work of art!
The free pattern for these birds is here:
Very sturdy looking birds.
These birdies look like Easter eggs; they are so round!
The free pattern for these birds is here:
Cute little bird
Pattern here:
Free pattern here:
This bird looks really good.  I have no idea how it's made, but it's beautiful. 
This bird reminds me of something from my childhood.  Too bad there is no pattern available.  Let me know if you find one!
 Here's a jaunty fellow by Ann Wood at

Happy Wedding Planning!


  1. Lol, one of the patterns is in Russian :)

  2. How cool is that! If I need to use it one day, I will ask you :)