Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Narrowing Down Wedding Colours

I'm trying to narrow down the colours for my wedding, and it is hard!  I used to look through these kinds of pictures with my friend and it seemed so easy then since there was no pressure to agree on one particular colour scheme.  Now that I have to pick just one?  Oh boy...

Here are some of my favourite ones lately  :)
Burnt orange, copper, peach, and pale pink... has a nice warm feeling to it.  This is my top choice.
 What would you call this mysterious colour of dress?  It looks quite royal.  I like it.  I would make the bridesmaids and flower girl wear this colour so that they pop out from the reddish orange background and decor.
 Champagne, pale brown, and soft brown are nice as background colours.
This pretty palette of coral, cream, pale green, and sage seems alive and pretty to me. A bouquet like this would also pop in the orange background and decor as it is close to the bridesmaid and flower girl dress colours.
This purple palette makes my mouth water.  I think of grapes, blueberries, and that ice cream in the picture looks really good. 
This is a variation with white, orange, peach, pale green, and dark green. 
 These colours really pop against the white, and seem rather romantic and fun.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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