Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Wedding Colours

Based on my previous mentions, this is the colour scheme I have come up with so far.  What do you think?

The plan is for the decor to be in those orangy red peachy shades, the wall will be neutral colours like those girls' dresses in the middle, and the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses will be in that pretty aquamarine colour.  If I could have one evening dress to contrast with the decor and other dresses, a dark purply brown colour like the lower left dress would be nice.  And the baby's breath-like wreath on the chairs shows that white and cream colours of flowers can go well with the colour theme.  Candles on the bottom show that candles go well with the idea too.

I want an overall feeling of warmth, with the girl's dresses as cool pops of colour/contrast, but not too bright.  You can see how they will stand out from the background decor and kind of cool down the overwhelming orange.  Neutral walls helps the decor to stand out and kind of soften the effect.

The beribboned hot chocolate favors on each plate should help to decorate the table settings and add some charm.

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