Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fairy-Inspired Wedding

If a fairy got married (in a non-cheesy way), I think it might look like this...
 Perhaps her gown would be like flowers (I'd like to touch that gown and find out what it feels like).
 She might look like she is floating in the wind in a flowy dress like this.
That drapes seductively when the wind stops blowing.
 Maybe it would be like Little Red Riding Hood in the woods.
 A wedding cake and spread would be set out under a tall tree in the woods.  There would be much festivity, but if you went to see what all the noise was about, no one would be there.
 She might stand gracefully among the flora, her silhouette lithe and beautiful.
 Fairy lights would be in the trees with elegant tables below.
 Flowers would surround her and bloom as she passed.
 A snow white forest festooned in ribbons or covered thick with flowers would guide her path to her fairy prince.
Lush and extravagant tables would be set for the wedding feast.
 Her dress would billow and wave in the wind like anemone in the sea.
 Trees would be festooned with fairy lights and tower high over the guest with soft sun filtering down below.
 One might spot the fairy bride in an eerie forest at night singing a haunting melody. 
 Underwater caverns would be transformed with sheer linens into sparkling candlelit dining halls.
 Fairies would hang long strands of thick ribbons from the branches that twist and wave in the wind around the dancing fairy guests.
 Little forest fairies would gather about the bride and ask questions about love and fairy princes.
There would be much love and embracing.  
And a secret ceremony beneath and old tree.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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  1. The picture with the wedding dress above "much love and embracing"
    please tell me more about it. I can not seem to find it when I search the internet for it and where to buy it. If you know please reach me at