Friday, May 29, 2015

Red Bouquet Inspiration

I was originally going with a peach, pink, champagne, hint of gold wedding colour theme, but since choosing a wedding dress with claret/wine/apple red details, I have had to rethink the colour theme.  Now my main wedding theme colours are red (my dress, bridesmaid's dress, bouquet), brown (chair sashes, curly willow branches), white/cream (my dress and hydrangeas in centerpieces) and fall leaf colours (those paper leaves I made to scatter on the tables).

I'm actually kind of excited about going with red now.  It lets me make everything a lot more colourful and bright.  Which is good, because the illustration I made for my wedding cards is colourful and bright and I can use the image for signage and other decor now :)

This is probably my favourite bouquet of the bunch.  I like how textured it is.

This is very similar to the one above, but with some cascading flowers and more greenery.

Looks rather pretty on that fancy seat, huh?

A darker red/purple-almost bouquet

Pretty pinker shade of red, almost coral but not quite.  It's a vivid, cheerful look.


Which one is your favourite?  
Happy Wedding Planning!

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