Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Girly Pink and Gold Fairytale Wedding

If I was to fulfill a girlish dream to have a fairytale princess style wedding, it might look like this...
... beginning with a gown I could drown in 
or gown that has sheer pink ruffles 
something to dream in and look pretty in
like a real life princess
peach pink and gold like an Indian princess?
daring pink like a flirty pretty girl at a ball
excessive ruffles and lace and pouf
like one of Cinderella's sisters (but prettier)... well, just for fun
something I could float in
something I could feel like a princess in cuz it's shaped like a princess gown (and so pretty!)
I could have romantic hair
wear flowers as big as I please
eat magnificent cakes - with ruffles and flowers too!
Eat huge spreads of delicate pink cakes surrounded by pale pink and flowers
delicious culinary masterpieces of the tiniest pink and gold proportions
eat cakes that look like epic fairytales and clouds 
or magnificent thrones with tea cups 
everything would be pink and pretty and perfect
it would all begin once upon a time 
and end happily ever after

Happy Wedding Planning!

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