Saturday, February 8, 2014

Decorating In Orange-Red and Other Fall Themes

Here are some resources for decorating in orange and red autumn colours that I found.

Freeze dried rose petals in red-orange - $6 for 5 cups
Natural Preserved Fall Leaves - $4.99 for 4-6 branches
Silk Assorted Autumn Leaves - 100 for $6.99
Moss covered branches - 3-4 branches for $11.99
Birch or Maple Candleholders - $7 each
Micropeach Fabric Rose Petals in Burnt Orange or Pumpkin Orange - 100 for $3.30
Wholesale Silk Rose petals
Orange Silk Rose Petals - 1000 for $13.56
Red Orange Silk Rose Petals - 3000 for $12.99
Silk Rose Petals - 200 for $9
Silk Rose Petals - 4000 for $73.59
Easy DIY with glass candle holders, little twigs, glue, and raffia
 A twist on the same idea to form a vase.
Vase full of bird seeds, natural branches, decorative goards hanging from clear thread.
Cute Moss Terrariums!
An old bible, brown hemp string, sprigs of fresh flowers
Vintage box of fresh fruit in your wedding colours
Vintage keys, satin ribbon, and tinted paper tags.  So lovely!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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